When working with many elements in different layers, it’s sometimes hard to get an overview of the z-values of the different elements. You have to click on each element to see the Z-value in the properties window.

How about this:

There’s a toggle button in the toolbar that let’s you show/hide the Z-vaules of all elements within a page (not the entire plot).

For groups: Only the group’s Z-value is shown and not the Z-value for all elements within the group.

I’m not sure about the best way to show the Z-values, but maybe you can think of something great 🙂

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Hi Ulrich, thanks for sharing your idea.

Can you tell me the use case that needs this feature? I am thinking if displaying Z value is the best solution: it is not always can be seen since elements may be overlapped.


The main purpose is to be able to check if all elements have the right z-values.

I’m also wondering about the overlapping issue… maybe there is no good way to solve it.


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