There should be a tooltip for every element. And it should be possible to connect this Tooltip with the element note, so the information noted in development time can be seen in the simulation.

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Hi Ben, thanks for the suggestion. Ulrich has suggested this before:…

What do you mean “connect this Tooltip with the element note”? Do you mean adding a new “Set Tooltip” action, which can accept the note of element as parameter, for all elements?



Yes.. imho there are 2 different usecases for tooltips:

The first,which Ulrich inted also, is a describtion of the function in the simluation, e.g. with hints for the user in the appication like: “Push here to save your changes”.

A second way could be a more detailed description for the programmers to give them further technical information or business rules, when they start developing.
I intend to save this technical information in the note of an element. It could be useful to present these information to the programmer in a tooltip when he’s in the simulation, like: “This Button should onlly be available to usergroup XYZ.”

Maybe thats why two different tooltips should be available. A user information and one for technical/business considerations.

An Action to set the tooltip in simulation time might be useful for the user-hints, because they may Change. But it’s nonesense for the second, because those further considerations won’t change during simulation.

I hope you get my point 😉


Hi Ben, I understand your need. However having two different tooltips is really confusing, as we have to control which tooltip will be shown in simulation.

I tend to make things simpler: every element has one note and one tooltip, while the note can be reviewed in editing mode and the tooltip will be displayed in simulation. If you wish to show note in the tooltip, you can do it via action, like this:

Set tooltip of “TextBox_1” to [TextBox_1.note]

Actually I think it is better to use Balloon or PostIt elements in the second use case you mentioned. Thus the programmers can easily understand how to implement the GUI without hovering mouse cursor on buttons one by one.


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