V2 looks pretty good. Would appreciate if you could look at the following:

i. would appreciate if the plot window could be resized

ii. please do not expand the plot tree when adding in new pages

iii.would be good if the plot tree did not sit on top of every application when pinned…it should only sit on top of the windows in ForeUI


Trevor Keegan

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Hi Trevor, thanks for the suggestion.

What do you mean “the plot window”? If you mean the working area in the center for working, you can resize the plot by clicking the “Plot Size: …” button on the bottom right corner. Or maybe you mean the page management window (page tree)?

Sure it wil be good if the page management window can be resized and only sit on top of ForeUI window, we will investigate that.

About the “ii”, why don’t you like the tree be expanded when new page is added?


Hi Xavier,

Thanks for your quick reply.

You are right…i do mean the Page Management Window. It would be good if this can be resized.

There are a few reasons that I do not like the Page Tree to automatically expand:
i. Because IMHO this is non-standard behaviour….branches in the tree should only expand when the user indicates which branch they need to open
ii. Because I feel that this defeats the purpose of adding in support for folders. It does not take long to create a large number of pages….and automatically expanding the tree makes the list difficult to use.

Trevor Keegan


Currently the purpose for expanding the tree after adding new page is to make sure user can see the newly added page immediately.

Maybe a better behavior is to only expand the parent node of newly added page, and then scroll the tree view to make sure the newly added page visible.


Hello Xavier,

Yes I think you right….it would be better to just expand the node that we are adding the page into.

Trevor Keegan


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