1. Create some behaviour for an element (e.g. a radiobutton)

2. Copy the behaviour to another similar element

Now, if you change the element to operate on you must click the “Choose…” button, but once you do that, the values in step 2 and 3 are reset :o/

I would very much like to be able to either:

1. rename the the element to operate on


2. choose another element without the values in step 2 and 3 being reset.

By the way, what is the point in the “The Event Trigger” menu command in the “Choose…” button menu?

2 answers

Yes it is kind of inconvenient, I remember someone has mentioned this beofore. We can keep the values in step 2 and 3, before that we need to make some verification, to make sure the values are acceptable for the selected element.

The menu beside the “Choose…” button provides some shortcut to choose element quickly, so far it only provide the “The Event Trigger” shortcut, if you choose it, the element that trigger the current event will be chosen.


In V1.90, you can input the element id directly, also the values in step 2 and 3 will be kept if possible 🙂


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