Is it possible to select multiple object to perform an action on. For example, I have a button that when clicked should check/uncheck a group of 10 checkbox fields. Do I have to define a separate action for each checkbox or is there a way to group the behavior and have them all check/uncheck when I click the button?

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Good question 🙂

Yes it is not so convenient to choose every item and set its state.

So far only the “Change Visibility” and “Change Location” action can affect multiple items by checking the “Include elements within the area” option.

We are currently working on it. The element chooser will support multiple selection soon.


Hi Matthew, we’ve made an internal discussion on this topic. We realize that supporting mutiple selection in element chooser will bring a big impact to the original design. To make things simple, we decide to provide the special option in single action to achieve the same goal. In V1.22, you can find the option named “include siblings in the same group” while trying to set the select state of check box, this option will do what you need.


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