I am a new user of ForeUI and it’s very impressive.

I was stuck up while making the prototype in some scenario’s though.

1. I wanted to have two input text box disabled when a user clicks on a check box, this I could achieve by add click event to the check box and when the user clicks I turn the state of these input boxes disabled. However it seems to be happening just once, if I uncheck the box either it wouldn’t get disabled or it wouldn’t get in normal state if I have it the other way round. Essentially the behavior is happening once and then not working. Any help? It might be worth mentioning that its a common input text box shared across in two tabs, however the check box id’s or the actual check boxes are different for both the tabs.

2. For a combo box I have in this UI, I am trying to get a workflow which takes the user to a page x when they click on first item of combo box and page y if they click on second item of the combo box. As a action I tried to have click event but couldn’t understand how I can associate the click with specific elements within this combo box.

Thanks a lot.

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Hello varun,

For the first scenario, you can use conditional branching to distinguish the checked and unchecked state. The behavior of the checkbox should look like this:

If you have two checkboxes, you may need to define behavior for both of them. And you may need to synchronize their states. If possible, try to workaround it and use just one checkbox.

As for the second scenario, you should handle the “Selection Changed” event and use switch branching to define behavior for different items. As shown below:


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