I have been using foreui for a while now and now want to get a bit more advanced.  One of the things that would be very helpful is to understand how to control combo box behavior based on set value.  If there are multiple options with a submit button then I would like to go to different pages or hide/unhide something based on user selection.  I would greatly appreciate a quick screenshot(s) of how to do this.  Thanks in advance.

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Staff September 26, 2017

You can use a Switch branching and trigger different actions according to the combobox’s current selection. Also you may want to make use of the “Selection Changed” event, which is supported by the ComboBox element. Below is an example:


This example checks the current selected index of the ComboBox, and makes different actions accordingly. You may also want to check ComboBox’s current selected value, which is {“ComboBox_1.selectedText”}.

  1. Vivi, thanks for this worked great.  I wanted to ask for help on a similar topic. How to make the selection of a table row and table cell create an event like going to another page per row or cell? I imagine it is similar but not sure how to identify the individual row or cell.

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To recreate the problem, I simply drag up the panel titled “Defined Behaviors” and then click the “Columns” button in the image blow (in the upper right quadrant of the screen.


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