It seems that I cannot copy an element with behaviour to another plot without losing the bahavior.

It that intended?

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It is intended (or say, a compromise). Because in 3.0, multiple elements can share the same behavior. Copying behavior with elements together may bring some problems.

You will need to copy the behavior separately. Or you can pack the elements into custom element, then its behavior will go with it.


Hmmm… not too great.

I won’t pack them as custom elements, as it takes too much time, and having to also copy the behaviour is a bit annoying.

I can’t see how it can cause problems. Can you please describe that?


Assume multiple elements are sharing the same behavior, and you copy them one by one to another plot. If the behavior is copied with element together, their behavior will be duplicated after copying. A possible enhancment is to automatically split and merge their behavior during the copy/paste, that needs a lot of work and we are not at the point to have it.

Also consider a scenario for the reverse side: the user wants to copy the GUI only, since he/she will define new behavior for the GUI later. If the behavior is copied with the element together, the user will need to delete all related behavior after the copy/paste.


Could you please allow the user to choose whether or not to copy the behaviour also? If the user has made “shared behavior” and then copies each element at a time, then yes, the user will have to clean the “code”. And then sometime in the future perhaps you can improve it to prevent duplicated behavior.

Maybe place the option in the right-click menu?: “Copy selection and behaviour”

Maybe you can find a good short cut for that?

It would make it a lot easier for me – and others I assume.


We are considering a new paste command that will include behavior, this command will have new shortcut as well.


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