As a follow up from the first problem I reported, DHTML/Simulation breaks on large plot, I seem to have traded one set of problems for another. Though the large .CSS file is not an issue for other browsers, other things certainly are (like the Z=-1 issue you told me about). After spending nearly a day changing the Z=-1 tags, I’ve come across another problem with Groups which I initially thought I had a work around for, but have hit my creative limits with groupings in Tabs.

Initially, many of my hyperlink text fields were not working (no relation to the Z=-1 issue). I found that if I had a table or treelist (there are probably others, but these are the two that were giving me the most trouble) in a group with hyperlink text, the browser wasn’t recognizing either the Mouse Over/Out or Clicked events. Once I pulled the table/treelist out of the group (leaving only textbox fields in the group) the hyperlink properties then behaved normally.

The problem came when I needed to embed clickable items in Tabs. Nothing works. The mouse stays as a pointer no matter where I move it within the tab. If I take these hyperlink text fields, lists, etc. out of the Tab container they work as expected, but of course, then they carry over to all tabs.

Now what?

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Hi Denise,

We can not reproduce the problems you mentioned. Embedding clickable elements into Tabs is very common use case and we have tested it many times.

Recently Simon has submitted an example for this kind of usage in community:

So I guess the problems you met are specific, could you send us your plot file and tell us where can we reproduce the problem? Thanks.


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