Would it be possible to allow for editing custom elements? Maybe I’m missing something, but it appears that when you initially create a custom element, you are given the options for the element name, notes, filename, etc. but then you can never change it again. Same thing with the actual plot makeup of the element. Could ForeUI be given the ability to perhaps load an *.fce file and make changes to it? Or have some sort of mechanism for the same in the custom elements section?

The workaround is obviously to just throw your current custom element onto the plot, make changes, and save it as something new. I was just looking for something built-in to handle this function.


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Yes. This feature is added in V2.17 already. You can check these figures out:


oh, terrific! That’s what i get for being on 2.15.



oh wait a minute. looks like this feature was in 2.15 as well, I guess I just never noticed the buttons before. That allows me to edit the metadata, which is a good thing, but what about making changes to the actual plot? That was a part of my question too.


No it is implemented in V2.17, you can check this:

The first small button exists for many versions. But the “Edit Element” button is new in V2.17.


I see now what you mean. Sorry for the false alarm. I’m slow today I guess. 😉


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