I’ve noticed that a plot that’s been exported to PDF is really big. Generally the plots I work on in ForeUI are 1000×1500, two nice round numbers. When I open the exported PDF, it is 15.28 x 23.33 inches. That’s really big, and a little annoying. It’s not a huge deal, but the graphics look a little funny, and if I wanted to print it, that might be a problem.

I just noticed it in the most recent version of ForeUI; I don’t feel like it’s been this way for forever, but I can’t tell you for sure. Is it being exported that huge for any particular reason?

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I just checked it and the result is shown below:

The element is enlarged 33% in the PDF, so I think there is a bug related to DPI settings in ForeUI. However even we fix this, the PDF will just reduce about 1/4 in both width and height (which are still quite big). Maybe the “Stretch to printable area” option is necessary if you want to print it on paper.


After double checking, I realize it is related to the DPI settings in Acrobat Reader. The Acrobat Reader in the screenshot above is set to use 96 dpi, while ForeUI is using 72 dpi.

If I change the DPI of Acrobat Reader to 72 in the preference settings, the element will have the same size with that in the plot. It seems that Acrobat Reader is not inquiring prefer dpi from the document, so I think we could do nothing for this.

  1. That makes sense Xavier. I would ask why you can't just export the PDF at 96 dpi, but I'm guessing that would cause some kind of problem on non-Windows systems. So I'll just make sure to change the setting in Acrobat. Thanks!

“why you can’t just export the PDF at 96 dpi ?”

It is because we can only control the dot (pixel) number of the PDF, as I know the PDF document doesn’t include the preferred DPI information. So we don’t have a way to suggest Acrobat Reader to use a specific DPI.


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