New Feature: Redesign the resource view of community window, includes:

1. Run simulation for plot and custom element in web browser.

2. Vote resource up with single click.

3. Leave comment directly in the community window.

4. List more resources in a page.

5. Show number of downloads, votes and comments.

6. Sort resources by time, downloads, votes or comments.

New Feature: New editor for TextBox element, which allows changing width.

Enhancement: Adjust the arithmetic for embedded element selection: make sure every elements can be selected.

Enhancement: Content editing has higher priority than member selection when double clicking member in group.

Enhancement: Allow adding batch of .fce files into “Custom Element” category a time.

Enhancement: When export DHTML to non-empty directory, explicitly ask whether to clean up before exporting. Will only clean up the “images”, “scripts” and “styles” folders with confirmation.

Bug_0142: Table element can not layout “incomplete” row properly in simulation.

Bug_0200: Line element with thickness > 1 will be trimmed in simulation.

Bug_0201: The sub menu width of Multilevel Menu is not properly calculated if default font is set to “Verdana”.

Bug_0202: When copy and paste nodes in behavior editor, the newly pasted node is collapsed by default.

Bug_0203: Text editor does not reflect the bold or italic style of the editing text element.

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