Localization: Brazilian Portuguese supported.

New Feature: “Available_Page_Indices” and “Available_Page_Titles” system properties.

New Feature: “Recent Expanded Section” and “Recent Collapsed Section” properties for Accordion.

New Feature: “Expand Section” and “Collapse Section” actions for Accordion.

New Feature: “Set Tree Node Value” action for Tree.

New Feature: Registered user can download user manual.

Enhancement: Directly right drag or CTRL drag element from list into container element.

Enhancement: Moving/resizing elements in scrollable container become easier.

Enhancement: Newly created element can snap to elements or grids.

Enhancement: Can use property to specify the target page for “Go to Page” action.

Enhancement: Auto complete font selector.

Enhancement: Hold Shift key and start dragging, will force to enter the drag selecting mode.

Enhancement: Avoid exporting CSS alpha filters in DHTML if element’s opacity is 100%.

Fixed Bug_0302: Scrollable Container can not accept any element again if all embedded elements are removed or extracted.

Fixed Bug_0303: Define “Set Global Property” action to set an inexistent property, then define that property in “Global Property” window. The action will not update when externally rename that property.

Fixed Bug_0304: Could not embed element into container that overlaps on a bigger container.

Fixed Bug_0305: The property in “row” or “column” field of “Set Table Cell Value” action is not updated when the property is renamed.

Fixed Bug_0306: Can not drag custom element from category to working area in Mac OS (V2.70+).

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