I would like to send my exported DHTML prototype out to people for usability testing. I’m integrating a small evaluation form with each user task. People can use a Likert scale (a radio button group) to rate ease or difficulty. There is also a text comment field where the users can write whatever comment they like.

I’ve figured out how to combine all of the radio button values and comment fields into a single, comma-separated text field. Is there a way to get that data from the user back to me? Is there any way to have the user press the Submit button, and the data goes to my email address with the text in the body of the email?

If I knew how to do this with PHP and MySQL (and I had a server), I would do it that way to create a real database. But I’m not there skill-wise (yet).

Any ideas?


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Hi David,

You can use the “Go to URL” action to achieve this. You can set the URL to “mailto:xxx@xxx?Subject=xxx&Body=xxxxx”, when this action is executed, user’s default mail client will popup with the content you set in the URL, then user can send his feedback to you.

Here is an example of “mailto:” URL usage:

More details about “mailto:” URL usage can be found from…

BTW, I think it is a business opportunity that provide the service for prototype hosting and feedback collecting facilities 😛


That works perfectly, thanks Xavier!

I was already thinking about EaSynth hosting prototypes and collecting data for designers. So it’s interesting that you mentioned that. There would have to be some way to make it very secure for those of us working on future products at big companies. Many companies are concerned about putting any information about new product development up in the cloud.

So perhaps:

– secure cloud storage that only the designer could access to, to upload plots into their “MyForeUI” account
– a secure URL (https:) that the designer can give to users that will test the prototype
– a simple sequel admin tool that the designer could use to setup the data structures they need for gathering the right data (such as phpMyAdmin)
– a simple reporting tool that would tally up results and show them in graph form – in some sort of dashboard.


David Hoard

  1. Very good ideas, thanks for sharing :-)

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