Working with master pages. The master page has a mouse over menu setup. The area where the menu is rendered starts from the left side of the screen and expands to the right. When using the master page which this mouse over menu the menu when rendered in runtime shows behind any controls placed on the child pages. I noticed that the Z order for any controls placed on a page using a master page must be greater than 0. The master controls are therefore always rendered behind the current page controls. Is there any means to override this behavior?



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Hi John,

The elements in master page will shown behind the elements in current page if they all have the same Z index. But if you assign a big Z value (e.g. 1000) to your menu in master page, it can cover the elements in current page.

It is recommended to use Z index that greater than 0, because for some browsers, zIndex < 0 means the layer is behind the current screen and the layer can not receive any mouse event.


The suggested workaround does not work for me. I have made elements with z=1000 and they always appear behind any elements in child pages, whose elements are z=0.


I just saw another post here about IE being the culprit. I’ll withdraw my complaint.


For me the solution was to move to another browser. IE seems to have many issues with zorder, there is a related post on this forum regarding this subject. Chrome works great for me, resolves issues with zorder and frankly its much faster when utilized with large foreUI projects. Anything over 100 pages and IE seems too slow to consider for me.


Sorry we must have posted replies about the same time, I see your withdraw above. Glad everything is working.


yeah, personally I’d have no problem moving to Firefox or something else. The problem is I work at a large company where IE is the only browser loaded on people’s PCs, so sharing these prototypes becomes a problem. In the end, I just had to settle for a less elegant prototype.


Combobox dropdown in master page appears below the Image in sub page, regardless of the Z Order.

Happens only in IE. Doesn’t happen in Chrome.

  1. Yes it is a known issue. In IE the master page can not bring out any popup (otherwise the popup will be covered by sub page). So it is better to use other browsers than IE, if you wish the master page to popup some contents.

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