When using the tree widget under the OS X theme, I noticed a strange (unexpected behavior):

For ex:


Sub Folder

This would show a folder icon and a document icon (as expected).

However, if I did:

Folder 1

Folder 2

This would result in two document (but not folder icons). Folder icons should always appear at the root of the tree, correct?

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I understand but it is a designed behavior actually. We determine whether the node is a file or folder by checking its child node, if it has child node, it is a folder; otherwise it is a file.

But it only affact the default icon of each item, you can still change the icon of each item (just like what happen in menu), you can use the images below to make the tree structure you need.


Ok, I understand the technical implementation and can work around it. It’s still not expected behavior but knowing the technical reasons at least confirms it’s not a bug.


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