From time to time I need the ability to “comment out” something in the behavior editor when my prototype is not behaving as expected and I can’t figure out why.

As of now I must cut out a part of the code to see if that was the cause of the problem, and if not I need to paste it back in and move it to the right position. Having the ability to “turn off” a part of the behavior e.g. by right-clicking or something else would be great! 

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Staff March 11, 2015

Hi Ulrich, thanks for the idea. We actually have planed this feature for quite long time, and we confirm it will be there in the coming V4.0 :-)

Staff July 21, 2015

This feature is supported since V4.0 beta.


Great! Thank you for the update for V4.0 ViVi.


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A rather big enhancement in this new version is to support undo and redo operation for table editing. In previous versions you can not undo any modification when the table editor is opened, now you can undo/redo every step of your table editing. 



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