The last part of a long radio button label in a Radio Button Group is hidden:


It works fine for single radio buttons:

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Staff March 11, 2015

Hi Ulrich,

Is part of the label even hidden in editing mode? Or just in simulation?

I just tried it and I can see that if I reduce width of the Radio Button Group, the same thing happen in both editing and simulation modes. But it is an expected behavior, isn’t it? 



This screenshot shows that the width of the Radio Button Group is not the problem:

  1. ViVi Staff March 11, 2015
    That's weird, and I have never seen this on my end. Are you sure it is a real "Radio Button Group" instead of several radio buttons get wrapped in a Group?
  2. Very sure! ;)
  3. ViVi Staff March 11, 2015
    What happens if you run the simulation? Is it trimmed as well?

This shows what it looks like in simulation in IE11 and Google Chrome:

Staff March 11, 2015

Can you send me the plot file for checking? If it is not possible, sending the HTML5 simulation may also help. Thank you.


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