hi i would to ask about this function ” add to table “. is it possible ? how to create that function ?

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Staff April 7, 2015

Yes, that’s possible. You can use the “Append New Row to Table” or “Insert New Row to Table” action to achieve this. Below is an example:

  1. first , i need to add behavior for button add right ?
  2. ViVi Staff April 7, 2015
    That's right, and add "Element Clicked" event for button and then choose "Operate on Element...", then you will see the screen above.

i try add elements like this , but can’t works



  1. ViVi Staff April 7, 2015
    You should use the element property instead of the element id. Try to click the "..." button besides the row data field, then you can insert the element property by choosing the element and select it property from a list.

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