What i realy would need is a way to switch the masterpage in a running clickdummy.

Like “Behavior of Page” “Loaded as Master Page” “set masterpage to page ….”

best would be for every “element” and every “event” the action “change masterpage of page X to page Y”

or how should i solve this problem:

1 Menü

x Pages with different content (Menü as Masterpage)

x Pop-Ups with there own page

And i like to be able to show on all Pages all Pop-Ups-Pages.

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Hi Yasofies Urason,

I like the idea for changing master page dynamically. We will make big changes on code generation in V3.0, and we will check if it is possible to implement that.

As for the problem you mentioned, did you mean showing the menu on all x pages and on all pop up pages (which will pop up on any of the x pages)? If that’s the case, you can do these:

Step 1: x Pages use Menu as master page

Step 2: x Pop-Ups use their own page as master page

After doing these, the menu can be shown in any page, even in the pop up page.


Sound great that you will bring out V3.0 i have a lot of ideas. But mostly i am not sure if they are in or not, cause i don’t know the programm so good.

Sorry perhaps i should make the example with layer.

Master -> includes Background-Layer and Menu-Layer

Page1 (M: Master) -> no BG (will change the Master BG) just Content-Layer

Page2 ^^

PopUp1 (M: Page) -> no BG just PopUp to show information depending on the active Page.

PopUp2 ^^

The Problem is to show Page and PopUP Layer at the same time in all constelation. If there would be about 6 Pages and 20 PopUps.

PopUp1 with Page1 with Master

PopUp2 with Page1 with Master

PopUp1 with Page2 with Master

PopUp2 with Page2 with Master


I understand that is an N to N combination. The “Set Master Page” action could help when it is available. For now you will need to duplicate the popup pages and allocate them to content pages.

We accept this suggestion and will try to implement the “Set Master Page” action in V3.0.


Right N to N

This funktion is very importend for me and the others in my company. So it would be realy cool if it would be in.

Is an Licence update needed for V3.0?

  1. It depends on when you buy the license, since you have one year duration to get the upgrades for free.
  2. ok great. as long V3.0 comes out in the next half year ;-)

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