1. Add a button

2. Resize its height from 25 to e.g. 22.

3. Edit the button text

Now the height is automatically being reset to 25. I can understand it when it comes to the width of the button, becuase the button has to expand in width if you enter a long button text – but I don’t understand it when it comes to the height.

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Same is true of the combobox control. For that matter, editing the content of a text area will reset the area’s height, and changing the content of a table will reset both width and height. Basically, half the time I change the content of a widget I have to reset its size back to the way I’d intended. Really starting to get on my nerves…

  1. Maybe ForeUI should be less "helpful" and simply let the user resize the control if needed.

I remember this problem, ForeUI tries to auto resize the element after you edit its content.

Although we can press Ctrl+Z to undo the auto resize command, it is still kind of annoying in some case.

Maybe we should add an option to turn this “smart” behavior off? 😛

  1. I think the best combination would be no auto-resizing on content change, but retaining that little "Auto Size" button on the property panel (alongside the Size row) for users who've made big changes and want the extra help.
  2. I'm thinking about this: if user input a longer text for the button, but the button is not resized, that seems not reasonable since the text is going out side of the button...

    Maybe the question goes to: will you resize button first? or change its text first? If the answer is the later one, auto-sizing is useful; otherwise, auto-sizing is annoying...
  3. Hmm ... a surprisingly subtle subject. I almost always change the text first and then resize from the auto-sized result, since the calculated button height is generally higher than I want. This is true of both buttons and comboboxes. Then, when the inevitable relabeling is needed, I wind up having to correct (every single time) the auto-sizing that ForeUI applies.

    Could the program keep an internal flag for these elements that indicates whether manual resizing has been applied? From that point on, no more auto-resizing, but the user can still click that little Auto Size button. In fact -- now that I think about it -- maybe Auto Size could be a sticky toggle like Position Lock, with the default set to "on" but switch-off-able by the user for that element. Wouldn't that be the best of both worlds?
  4. Interesting thought about the toggle auto size button... However it may bring another question: what will be the default value of the toggle button? If the default value does not match user's habit, user may need to toggle it element by element...

    By contrast, I think a global option to turn on/off this behavior may be more suitable, thought?
  5. Yes, I can see it as a global option. Maybe under Edit in the settings, where "Auto adjust Z value" is controlled.

I vote for the global option as well.


Alright, the global option will be available in next version.


The new option is added in V1.72


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