On my main page I have a reference element.  This reference element is used to display different pop ups and is set dynamically by a menu on the main page.  The displaying of the pop ups work great.  However, if I have a button in the pop up that is supposed to set the reference source of another reference element on the main page it does not work.  It just does nothing.  Should this work or do I need to leave my pop ups defined on my main page?  It worked fine with the pop ups on the main page.



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Staff October 5, 2016

Hi Bill,

After checking, we confirm this will happen when the behavior owner is an embedded element (such as the button in your window).

The current implementation of Reference element only copy the DOM content and the behavior of the top element. If there is some elements embedded into the top element, their behavior do not be copied.

It is possible that we implement the behavior copy in future version, however this needs a lot of work and may not happen very soon.

Best Regards,


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