Would it be possible to add the abiility to change not only the visibility and location of a rectangle but also the color and/or the opacity?

I’d like the same feature for text labels, by the way.

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We’ve considered this feature before, yet the rectangle is not really “vector” object for now, its background is still an image during the simulation, so changing color/opacity is not so easy.

However considering the rectangle may be the most flexible element to create customized element, we are planning to change it to real vector object, which allow dynamically change its color, opacity and size (requested by Bruce). So please wait and see.

As for the text labels, things become much easier, since text label is vector object already.


Sounds great. I hadn’t seen the request from Bruce.


It sounds like this was being considered but has been out of focus for a long while now. This would certainly be handy for roll-overs as it would save some time and cut down on the number of elements/layers necessary.


Hi Barnett, after the consideration, it turns out that only the vector objects can dynamically change their color and opacity in simulation.

Rectangle is still an image in simulation, so it can not do that. Changing rectangle to vector object seems difficult as it has special border (can be rounded on any corner).


Is this still not possible?


Hi Ulrich,

This has become possible since 3.0, but we haven’t implemented it yet.

So it is planned, thanks for reminding 🙂


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