I\’ve seen references to a built-in date-picker, but the downloaded copy of 4.50 SP3 doesn\’t seem to have it, so I was trying to create my one.I have a text edit box and a calendar. Right clicking on the text edit box makes the calendar visible. Selecting a date has an action set to grab the calendar dateString property and save it to the text edit box value property then to make the calendar hidden. The calendar hides, but the text edit box value doesn\’t change at all.Any suggestions on how to set this up for the simulation? It\’s not really critical to my mock-up, but it would be nice if it worked.

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Staff December 26, 2017

We have created a date picker (customised) element, and you can download it from

Alternatively you can also download it from the store in ForeUI and use it directly.

You can review the behavior definition and learn how it works.



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