Hi I have run into a puzzling issue in regards to 2 custom events on a page which load people’s names and registration numbers into 2 tables as different team groups according to an age selection. This page is preloaded with a set of default data read from a hidden table so that when my team page is loaded all defaults are set including the team tables all is good events correctly firing etc.

It is while the Team page is loaded that I have run into an issue, and that is the following: I change the age of my Teams (combo box selection changed event values are 2,3 to fire attached events) as shown:

I have tried a number of different settings in the combo for calling triggers to no avail, what happens is that when I change combo age option (sel. index3 ) the custom event for ShowATPlayerLists is Never executed, but ShowHTPlayerLists is, however when I go back to age combo (sel. index 2) both custom events are triggered the code for the custom events is listed below in order

For table 1:

For table 2:

Also the custom event code for Table 1 above drops out after the message box (re Line 46) as the last message box is never displayed (Line 53) and custom event code for Table 2 is never executed (message box Line 3).

So I don’t know if I have done anything wrong with coding given that this all works perfectly when loading Team page (default data is fed from different page prior to Team page load). The age selection process is of highest importance as the team people must load from the age combo selection.

I had some other problems with loop code for tables prior to this, however I managed to sort that issue out via code execution within conditional nesting but I think that is Not my issue here unless I am mistaken and I originally had both custom events together as one attached to a different control and that wasn’t working well with the manipulation I need for each table, I don’t think that was working correctly either and no other custom events are attached to Team page.

So I don’t know if this is a Bug or something I am not understand in the code execution part oh by the way I am using vers: 3.80 sp5.


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Hi Mal, they way you trigger two custom events are correct, and it should work as expected. Since you mentioned that ShowHTPlayerLists event was triggered while ShowATPlayerLists was not, there is big chance that the ShowHTPlayerLists event handler caused some Javascript errors, which halted the execution chain.

Usually those Javascript errors are caused by typo in the expression. If you have experience on Javascript debugging, you should be able to get some clues from the debugging. Otherwise we could help. Is it possible for you to send us your plot file? You could send to


Thanks ViVi

for getting back to me, I don’t have a javascript debugger as such but before I send my plot file I will have a recheck on the array objects to make sure the set property statements are reading as object passed to string (found that if they not done in this manner the set property statements fail). Also I will have a look via IE element inspector might see something

Also if send the plot file up to you should I address this as Attention for ViVi?


  1. Yes, it will be me who receive your plot file :-)

Hi ViVi

I am a dummy, you were spot on about a typo, I found the problem in Table 1

ShowHTPlayerLists Lines 20 and 21 I had originally copied code from case 2 and pasted into case 3 and manually edited the array object names which were fine until I checked my Custom Properties List and found that I had a missing letter in the array object name (Bad: par_HTPlayerList_U12) should have been (parr_HTPlayerList_U12) so I have corrected this and all is working.

Thanks once again for pointing me in the right direction, spent hours going through this and could not find the misspelling looking to hard. But you gave me the clue with fresh eyes thanks again.

  1. Congratulations and you are welcome :-)

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