I’ve noticed some odd behavior when trying to deselect a group when multiple elements are selected. Instead of deselecting the group, it instead selects one of the items in the group. Here’s how to reproduce:

1) Put a bunch of elements in a plot, and group two of them together.

2) Select everything on your page via Control-A (or however you want).

3) Using Control-click, deselect a normal element. Works great – only that element is removed from the selection.

4) Now try to deselect a group with Control-click. If you Control-click on one of the elements in the group, it will *select* the item in the group instead of deselecting the entire group.

This is a pain, because if you want to select everything on a page except one element that happens to be a group, life gets a lot harder. It looks like it works properly if you Control-click on a part of the group that doesn’t contain any elements, if there happens to be such space in your group.

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Hi Mike, thanks for reporting this. I just reproduced it, the problem also exist for Shift-Click, we will have it fixed in next version.


Bug_0262 has been fixed in V2.60


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