1. Insert a table in your plot

2. Double-click on it to edit

3. Single-click in the cell you want to edit

Now, focus jumps to the Font field, which as tricked me quite a few times, and I have begun typing in the Font field. It alsp prevents you from placing focus with mouse to begin navigating witht the keyboard, becuase using the arrow down key opens the Font list. 



I expect to be able to edit the cell content after one click, but I must do a single-click in the cell and then another single-click to make it editable. Howcome you have made in this way? 

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Staff October 4, 2016

This is an old issue, which has been reported by another customer before. The reason that we haven’t fixed it yet, is the difficulty of fixing. This table editor heavily relays a component that has this focus issue, which is quite hard to address. We will continue working on it. However, since this issue is internally marked as “medium priority”, we can’t guarantee it will be fixed very soon.


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