1. I groups some elements

2. I use a button outside of the group to toggle the visibility of the group

3. I find out that I need to add an element to the group, so I ungroup and group the element incl. the new one.

Problem: Now the behavior of the button is no longer working, as the unique name of the group has changed.

I would really like to somehow be able to edit a group of elements without messing up the behavior of things and thereby avoiding to set up the behavior all over again.

If I could somehow momentarily “open up the group” and remove, add, or rearrange the elements in the group, and the “close” it again…? I’ve always liked that option in Adobe Flash.

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I think we can improve this with two steps:

1) add a new “regroup” button in the “Group” category of floating tool pane, then you can merge the existing group with other elements, without changing the group id.

2) as you suggested, allow editing group content separately.

The first step actually already in our list, and will be implemented soon. The second step may need more workload, we will evaluate it internally.


Ok, sounds great.


In V1.55, you can change the group id, that will work around this problem.


So cool :o)


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