I had problems with the Verdana font on my previous PC, and now on my new laptop the problem has apeared also:

I’m using Verdana (regular) as font in all of my plots, because the application that I’m building prototypes for also use Verdana.

My problem is that ForeUI somehow seems to load the Verdana font incorrectly. At first it worked fine, but suddenly in the font drop down, the bold version og Verdana was shown, and the regular version of Verdana was shown with bold. It could not select the regular font, and restarting ForeUI did not help.

I had to uninstall the bold, italic and some third variant in Windows leaving only the regular Verdana, and that solved the issue.


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Staff June 6, 2016

ForeUI plot stores the font name as a text string, and the actual font that gets used is chosen by the OS. This is more likely to be a JVM problem. Are you encountering this issue under Windows 10?

  1. Yes, I'm experiencing it on my new laptop running Windows 10 - but also on my previous PC running Windows 7.

I’m experiencing this again… :-/ After closing and the starting ForeUI again, all texts are suddenly shown in bold even though “Bold” is not selected:

As you can see, Bold is not turned on, however, the font is shown as bold.

I’m running the launch.jar, as you described in, so I guess it is not a JVM issue?

It is really annoying, because the only fix I have is to uninstall the bold varient of verdana, but I need it for headlines in my prototype.

Staff November 11, 2016

Hi Ulrich, I guess you have installed two fonts (regular and bold) with same family name, which is “Verdana” in your case. JVM choose the actual font by given family name, so if you have two fonts with same family name, the result will be uncertain, which seems to be what you saw.

If it is the case, I am afraid you will have to change one font’s family name, to avoid the duplication.

  1. Using FontForge I managed to split the four Verdana variants into four different fonts that are not in the same font family, and it solved the issue! :)

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