I have a problem with LocalStorage. In my interface i use HTML to create a List with some numbers that Client can choose. To create this List, i need id Client, that i can to take without problem. But, when i use this id to create my list, don’t works. My Database return what i need, but i can’t create my list. My problem is with the element HTML? Somebody help me?

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Staff June 1, 2016

Hello kassiacarols,

Please describe what you did with more details, since the phrase “don’t work” doesn’t mean anything to others.

What data is stored in LocalStorage? How you create your list? I can’t help without knowing all these information, I believe others can not help as well.

  1. I have a system to search the database for a list of telephone numbers . With these figures I create a list using the HTML element. This list I use 3 parts of the system , but now how to divide the system into 3 the list is only being created in the first part . To send the request to the database (Get JSON ) , I just need the ID , the user enters the first part of the system and I store in LocalStorage . In other parts of the systems that I need from the list , it does nothing . the Bank returns what needs to be returned, but the element does not show anything like the first part of the system .
  2. ViVi Staff June 1, 2016
    Sorry, I know every word you said but still I don't understand. Html element is for advanced users who are very familiar with web development. If you are using the Html element to create a list, you need to take care of its content updating by yourself. Since ForeUI doesn't know about the list created by Html element.

Awesome! Learned alot thanks so much keep posting more.


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It sounds like you’re asking how to create a list of HTML elements in a new plot using the ID stored in LocalStorage. To accomplish this, you will need to first retrieve the ID from LocalStorage using the getItem method, then use that ID to select the appropriate element(s) in the HTML document. Once you have the element(s), you can use JavaScript to create a new list containing those elements and add them to the new plot. Thanks | Delaware texture wall


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To create a list with HTML elements in a new plot using an ID and local storage, you can follow these steps:

  1. Retrieve the ID of the plot where you want to create the list. You can do this using JavaScript to access the DOM and find the ID of the element.
    1. Retrieve the list data from local storage. You can use the localStorage.getItem() method to retrieve the data.
    2. Parse the list data from a string to an array of objects. You can use the JSON.parse() method to parse the data
      1. Create the list element and add it to the plot element. You can use the createElement() method to create the list element, and the appendChild() method to add it to the plot element.
        1. Loop through the list items and create HTML elements for each item. You can use the createElement() method to create the HTML elements, and the innerText property to set their content.
          1. Style the list elements as needed using CSS.

Note that in the above examples, “myPlot” is the ID of the plot element, and “myList” is the key used to store the list data in local storage. You’ll need to replace these with the appropriate values for your application.


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