Hi, I have two project files with various pages.

Is it possible to jump from one project to a specific page in the second project?

The only way that I could work around this problem is to split the second project up into multiple files, which is kind of a pain in the a$$.

Hope you can help me.

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Hello Ny Thng,

You are asking the right person :-). ForeUI may support embedding plot in V3.0, which might cover your requirement. Meanwhile you can use this workaround, which is a kind of hack but it works well:

Assume you have two plots: Plot1.4ui and Plot2.4ui, and you will export them to “Plot1” and “Plot2” folders under the same directory.

In Plot1.4ui, you can place several buttons:

The buttons’ behavior are defined like these:

In Plot2.4ui, you should define at least 3 pages, and place any content you like into them. Define the behavior of the first page (which will be initially shown when Plot2 is launched in browser) like this:

That’s all. These two plot will work as you expected =) The main idea is to append a “page” parameter to the target URL, which point to Plot2, and in the “On Page Loaded” handler of Plot2, intercept this parameter and switch to correct page.

You can download the example plots here:……


Thank you for the quick response and the solution!

Your support is one of the best I experienced so far. Keep up the good work!

  1. You are welcome, and feel free to contact us :-)

Hi there,

Somehow this solution is not working anymore in the new v3.00 RC.

Any change here?




Hi Zsuzsa,

Thanks for telling us. Actually the solution can still work, but v3.00 RC has a bug that mess up the solution.

The bug is: when trying to go to the same page in page’s “Page Loaded” event handler, it will cause infinit loop. This bug will be fixed in next release, and you will see the solution can work again without any modification.

Meanwhile you can modify the solution a little bit to make it work in 3.0 RC. The main idea is to check if the target page is the same with current page, and avoid jumping to the same page. The figure below shows the details of Plot2’s behavior.



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