There appears to be an error within my “find element” tool. The first time I open the application I can use it, but after that, it doesn’t work. Several weeks ago I tried to enter an action that the application didn’t seem to like and it completely froze my plot. I have since been able to open it, but I had to delete the specific button that was creating the problem and rebuild it. Ever since then, my find element button is not working.

I am guessing it is because when I use it the first time, that button’s actions are being searched and it is getting stuck within that tool when searching. I don’t know if that makes sense or not, but I was wondering if you had any suggestions as to how I might clear that error.


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Hi Heather,

I really want to help but I have no clue according to the limited information you provided. If you could send us your plot file (to, we may easily find out what happen and solve the problem.


This is caused by a bug:

Bug_0278: Can not use ‘$’ character in text parameter of branchings or actions.

The V2.652 has fixed this bug.


Thanks so much!


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