I cant seem to get switch branching working on a menubar – other conditionals work fine. Is this a known issue ?

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It should work, you need to handle the “selection changed” event instead of “element clicked” event, here’s an example:


Thats exactly what I tried but it does not work ?


I’ve just tried that example and it works well.

It will work when you run the simulation in web browser, can you tell me which browser are you using?


BTW, the case should be number instead of string, is that what you did?


OK – it works in IE8, but not in Chrome or Firefox 3.5.4


Just checked it, you’re right, it seems like a bug, we will investigate it.


Thanks Jonathan, this bug is reported as Bug_0107 and will be fixed in next version.


Bug_0107 has been fixed in V1.72


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