Using the native mac’s look & feel I’m not able to scroll down the page I’m creating when the pointer is on the grey area. It only works if the the pointer is over the page itself.

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Hi Mosty,

I guess you mean scrolling via mouse wheel. There are multiple views on the GUI that could be scrolled. Isn’t it normal that only the view your mouse is hovering on could be scrolled?



I don’t have a mouse, just the trackpad. I guess it does have the same effect as the mouse wheel anyway. The issue is a bit more graphical. The view holds a grey area and the page itself so both should be scrolled. Take a look at the image: the green area scrolls while the red doesn’t. Still, both share the same scrollbar:


Thanks for the explanation. I understand you right, but I don’t have trackpad on hand so I could not test it now.

But I could confirm that using mouse does not have this issue. When mouse cursor is in the gray area, rolling the mouse wheel will scroll the page as well.


Got it. I see the issue. Open the page management section. Click on a page. Try again. It seems the focus is in the page management section so the event is not received in the grey area. It is received in the white one so it would just be a matter of replicating the event handling in the grey area too.


Unfortunately I could not reproduce it. Even with page management view opened and click on it, rolling the mouse wheel when cursor is in the gray area will still scroll the whole page.

I doubt this problem only happens when you use trackpad.


I plugged a mouse and still was able to reproduce it. Funny thing, now even with a just selected element in the page I can scroll from the page but not from the grey area (with both trackpad and mouse scroll). I will report back if I find a way to reproduced this. Btw, this even happens immediately after opening the application (without touching a single button, scrolling from the grey area doesn’t work), regardless of the selected look & feel.


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