I have been working on a wireframe in foreUI that has many pages. I have tried this two ways but it does not seem to work. I created a master and then created other pages as a copy of the master. As I am developing the wireframe for each page, I am making minor tweaks to the master. Why are those changes to the master not updating the dependent pages? Is these a specific sequence in which the pages should be built out? This is frustrating.

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Hi chanbrig, the modifications on master page will reflect to all pages that depends on it.

I tried but could not reproduce the issue you mentioned. Could you provide the steps to reproduce it? Thanks.


The problem is the understanding of the “Master page” concept.

The ForeUI “master page” works as in PowerPoint, but that’s very different from Adobe Dreamweaver for instance.

Chanbrig, you should not copy the content of the master page to other pages. Instead you must choose the master page in the “Master page” combobox in the “Pages in the plot” dialog:

  1. Thanks for the detailed answer :-)

Thanks for the feedback. I figured out the mistake I made. I dublicated the master to create the normal pages.(Wrongly assuming that it worked the way other design software that I use works). I thus ended up with a bunch of master files with different names overlayed.

I recreated the normal pages from a basic (non-master) design and the problem was resolved. This is my first time using this software but now that I have figured the master logic out, it is great!

Thanks for feedback


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