I have read the posts & documentation on Javascript snippets, and I understand that it is not really a supported feature, but is there a way I can integrate javascript with foreUI elements?   I need to do something like:

Set “TextBox_1” value to myJavascriptFunction( <a_ForeUI_Userdefined_Property> )



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Staff July 29, 2015

Hi Roy,

It is possible to do it by calling some ForeUI predefined functions in the “Call Javascript Snippet” action. Let’s say you defined a function named “myfunc” in the “Script” element:

Then in the “Call Javascript Snippet” action, you can put the content below: 

Then you will see it updates the text of TextBox_1, to doubled value of property “tmp” (please notice the property expression is {“tmp”} in EVAL mode, needs quote marks for property name).


I really want to use a nicer way to do it, like this:

It really should work, but unfortunately it doesn’t, because of a bug: diagnose engine doesn’t see the myfunc function in Script element, and will regard it as an error. As a result, this action will not get exported to the HTML5 simulation.

We will try to fix that bug in next version, then you will be able to use that nicer approach 🙂


  1. Hi ViVi, is this "nicer way to do it" implemented in version 4.20? I'm trying to call a JavaScript element to generate the content of a TextBox element from the "Manipulate Elements" dialog, but it's not working for me. I can't tell whether I have an error in my syntax in Step 3, or if the problem is that this approach still won't work from "Manipulate Elements" in version 4.20. (BTW, I'm on the third day of my evaluation of this product and I love it! Thanks for all the hard work!)
  2. ViVi Staff May 31, 2016
    We have something better now, although it is not a final solution yet. Please see my new answer below.
Staff May 30, 2016

There is a nicer way that can work, but still it is a workaround.

There are two key points:

  1. You can turn off the diagnose for certain line of behavior, so it will not disable that line by mistake.
  2. You can define the Javascript function in the “Call Javascript” action.

Below is an example that I tried and confirmed it is working.


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There are a few ways to use custom JavaScript to populate element properties. One way is to use the setAttribute() method. This method can be used to set any attribute of an element, including custom attributes. Another way is to use a property assignment. This can be used to set any property of an element, including custom properties. Finally, you can use a data-* attribute. This can be used to set any data-* attribute of an element. I have resolved this error from the logistics dissertation topics website through the defined way. I hope this will also help you out. 


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Yes, it is possible to integrate JavaScript with ForeUI elements. One way to achieve this is to add an onload event to the body tag that calls your JavaScript function and sets the value of “TextBox_1”.

For example:

<body onload=”document.getElementById(‘TextBox_1’).value = myJavascriptFunction(<a_ForeUI_Userdefined_Property>)”>
You can access ForeUI’s user-defined properties using the window.parent object. For example:


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You can use custom JavaScript to populate element properties by accessing the element using the Document Object Model (DOM) and then setting the value of the desired property.

Here’s an example that sets the innerHTML property of a div element to a custom string:

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// JavaScript var myDiv = document.getElementById("myDiv"); myDiv.innerHTML = "Hello, World!";

In this example, the document.getElementById() method is used to obtain a reference to the div element with the ID “myDiv”. Then, the innerHTML property of the element is set to the string “Hello, World!”.

You can use similar techniques to set other properties of HTML elements, such as the value attribute of an input element or the src attribute of an img element. Here’s an example that sets the value attribute of an input element to a custom string:

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<!-- HTML --> <input type="text" id="myInput">

javascriptCopy code
// JavaScript var myInput = document.getElementById("myInput"); myInput.value = "Hello, World!";

In this example, the document.getElementById() method is used to obtain a reference to the input element with the ID “myInput”. Then, the value attribute of the element is set to the string “Hello, World!”.

Note that the exact syntax for accessing and setting element properties may vary depending on the specific property and element being manipulated. You can refer to the documentation for the DOM and the specific HTML elements you are working with for more information on how to access and set their properties using JavaScript.

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