sorry for filling the forum with all my many questions, but i did not find answers yet:

1) How can i make that the “Defined Behaviours Window” shows the behaviour of the selected element only? At pressent i see the very long list of all behaviours and it takes time to find the chosen element’s behaviour.

2) Is there a possibility to disable (comment out a behaviour) a special behaviour temporarily? It is a bit like hide/unhide. It would be helpful during learning, trying and working when some actions could be stopped without deleting them immediately. It takes some time “programming” a behaviour and sometimes i would like to try out different ways -and this could be helpful in bugfixing, too.

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Hi Seb,

For the first question, please check out:…

As for the second question. There is no such a feature to enable/disable part of behavior. But I like this idea, I will forward it to the team and consider it. Thanks.


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