Handling a lot of elements can get rather tricky. I know the selection window helps with groups, but it’s still hard to keep everything in order, especially since things can be kept on the same layer. Would it be possible to show a list of all the elements in the order of layering? From there, you could shift elements around to make sure everything works correctly.

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I think it is possible to provide such a list in the element selector. But will that really help? Elements will be listed together just because they have the similar layering order, but not because they are within the same region…


I like luroguco’s idea about a list of elements ordered according to their z-value!

Sometimes it requires some detectives work to figure out why the prototype is not behaving as intended, and getting a visual overview of how the element are layered would be a great help!

You could also consider ordering the grouped elements in the “Select Element” tree according to their z-values and also show the actual z-value next to the name of the element.



  • Rectangle_1 (5)
  • TextEditBox_1 (10)


  • Rectangle_2 (10)
  • TextEditBox_2 (20)


Also, some basic layer additions would be of great help – like Show/Hide Layer, Range of layers, Range of layers of selected objects

  1. Hi Aurel, you can use the Group element as a layer. In the "Outline" view, you can drag elements between Groups, and you can find the buttons at the bottom to show/hide any selected element (to ease editing).

Sorry for bringing up an old topic again, but it seems layer management has not improved much since. (not complaining, just stating)

My idea for layer management would be closer to the solutions in photo editing:

e.g. look at gimp ( here you can choose a special menu “layers” that allows:

1) Changing Show/Hide of certain layers

2) Bring whole layer up or down (Not just every item as a single)

3) Lock/unlock layers

4) Choose certain layers to work on.

5) Insert, Copy, delete layers

6) Opacity of whole layers (well, might not be that important for GUI)

Of course you can group and ungroup elements in every layer and even group layers together.

That shows: The concept of groups is different to layers.

Would be fine considering.


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