If I create a ScrollableContainer and want to place controls outside the visible are of the Container it’s not really possible. I can only put them in the visible area with right mouse drag and then I move them down with left mouse until I guess it’s the right position. But this only works if the element is still in the area of the application.

If it’s outside it’s not even drawn, so there’s no way to position several elements in relation to each other.

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Hello Andre,

True it is not easy to edit the content embedded into scrollable container. We are considering a way to improve this without impacting the whole system.

For now, if I need to layout something within ScrollableContainer, I would enlarge the container first, then edit its content. I will change the container size back after everything is done.

Meanwhile, maybe the Outline view can help you a little bit. If you select the embedded element (even it is outside of the container), it will be rendered, and you can manipulate it. You can even drag element into the container directly, if the element is within the wrapper group’s region:


Hi Vivi,

this doesn’t really work if the needed size is bigger than the application size. because nothing is drawn outside the application rectangle.



Hi Andre, if the required content size is bigger than page size, you should enlarge the page to hold the content for editing. Here is how-to:…


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