Is there a way of changing the button labels that appear in the popup message spawned from adding a user decision branch? The buttons have ‘OK/Cancel’ labels, but I would like to set them to ‘Yes/No’.



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Hi Katy,

The user decision branch is using the “confirm” window in Javascript, so we could not custom its look. However, you can create your own window and get the full control of its look.

You can find a library named “Popup Window” in ForeUI Store, and there is a confirm window in that library, which you may be interested.


While I understand the implementation, I think the flow control BRANCHES should at least be labeled Ok / Cancel rather than Yes / No. It helps for them to match the button labels when writing the prompt message.

Generally speaking, it is considered bad for usability to use a message worded as a Yes/No question with Ok/Cancel response buttons. You should use a message more like “Your file will be deleted.” or “Is it OK to delete your file?” rather than “Do you want to delete your file?” if your buttons will be labeled Ok/Cancel.


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