I am making a prototype and in some cases there are popup windows with lot of controls. I want to design them as seperate pages. However I can’t find the size property of the page because my popup windows will have different size each. How can I change page size of each page please?

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Hi, using defferent size for each page is not supported. You can only change the size of the plot, which will also be the size for all pages in the plot.

Just regard the page as the screen. The size of screen is fixed, but you can still display windows with different size in the screen.


Hi Xavier YOUNG, The problem is that if in my prototype I have to show 8 different screens on different events then my page gets really messy. There must be some work around for this problem? Thanks


You can create 8 pages for the 8 different screens. In each page, place the content in the middle. You can just switch page when event is triggered.

About simulating the popup window, I think you can take a look at…, the second approach is quite suitable for your case. Also you can find some tips in the “Timer.4ui” example (which is included in the installation).


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