How do I create a larger “canvas” to work with? Per threads below, I have tried changing the plot size but nothing seems to change, visually. All I want to do is have a larger area of real estate to work with when I am building my prototype.

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Hi Jessica,

Changing the plot size is the way to go. This page describe how to do so:…

I guess maybe you changed the default plot size for new plot (via advanced->settings menu), and that will only affect newly created plot.

  1. Thank you ViVi! Super helpful. If I want this prototype to be an 8 1/2 by 11 size piece of paper, what would I enter in as the values? i.e. are these values pixels?
  2. You are welcome. Those values are pixels. So if you want the exact size on screen or paper, you will need to calculate it with the actual DPI.
  3. Thanks again ViVi. I am trying to maximize my real estate, and along those lines, how do I get rid of the "header space" that is allocated to "Page 1" or another page name? I have deleted the page 1 text, but the space seems to still be taken up by blankness. Thanks!!
  4. I guess you mean the header in the exported PDF file? Unfortunately the header space is always reserved in PDF. However you can export your design to image file, which doesn't have any extra margin.
  5. Got it. Perfect. Thanks again ViVi. I think I am all set now :)
  6. My company plans to buy a few licenses on Monday. Is there a way I can actually speak with someone to get a few key questions answered, in order to fast track our decision? Not "how to" questions, more along the lines of 'this is our plan, will it work to use your product?'. Thanks.
  7. Hi Jessica, you could sent your questions to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>, and I will try to answer, or find someone who can answer you :-)

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