Please advise why the rendering in simulation and dhtml export mode is incorrect while it is correct in pdf export and foreui application modes

See attached – first image is rendered layout and second image is correct layout

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Hi Ferdi,

Are you using IE to run the DHTML simulation? Here is another thread related to this issue:…

IE has some unreasonable limitations on CSS file size and numbers, which will cause problem when plot becomes complex. Here are some links for those limitations:……

Since we can not change this limitation in IE, we would suggest to use other web browsers, such as FireFox, Safari, Chrome and Opera to run DHTML simulation for complex plot.


IE is worse – First image is firefox and second is IE8

  1. Hi Ferdi, I didn't catch your point. Do you mean FireFox is worse?

Hi, yes – sorry – Firefox is the top image so its is worse than IE

  1. It seems that the table element is not rendered in FireFox? We can not figure out how this would happen... Can you send us your plot file for checking? Thanks.

Sent to your support address


Hi Ferdi, just confirmed the Table is covered by the Tabs element in the master page. In browsers except IE, elements in master page can cover the elements in current page, as long as they have higher Z value.

That’s why IE could not simulate popup menu in the master page.


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