Hello, I have a group that consists of two rectangles and a text label. I’d like to be able to expand the group but have one of the rectangles remain the same size, as in this picture:

Is there any easy way to do this? I realize I could just ungroup them, make the change, and re-group the boxes, but I will eventually be moving to more complex headers and would like to be able to lock the size of a few boxes!


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Hi Arnold,

It seems no easy way to do so if you use group to organize these elements. However you may consider using a Table element to organize them, thus the column with “auto” width will be scaled when you resize the entire table, while the column with fixed width will not be scaled.


The problem with using the table for this, is that the table is clickable and the row gets selected on click – and I assume that’s not what Arnold wants…

I have the same request. It would be great to be able to lock the size of specific elements. Then you can save the group in your library and use it for different designs without having to resize the same element over and over again.


We will consider this feature request.

Meanwhile you can make the table not clickable by simply setting it to “Disabled” status or define its action like this:


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