Not sure what I did, but simulations have stopped working. I had added some behaviors, thought that might be it so I yanked em, but nope, still won’t run.

Firebug is telling me that the preloadAllImages() method is not defined (in the html).

I saw another problem that referenced preloadAllImages, which recommended I go through all the behaviors, but I can’t see any that are problematic. There’s nothing in the foreui.log beyond loading of 5 pages.

Is there a way to debug what’s going on?

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Hi Mike, after checking your plot file. I think the problem is caused by the not escaped double quote marks in the expression. I have replied your email for that.

We realized that the issues related to not working simulation usually lead to incorrect definition of behavior, in most cases we would need to check user’s plot file to locate the problem. So next time it will be better to send us an email with the plot file directly, and you will get help faster 🙂



I’m experiencing the same issue again. I had a condition, again, checking for an empty string, so I’m trying to remove it. I don’t know what to use though. I’m trying to check if a value is empty.

  1. I just replied your email :-)

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