Can anyone confirm that the attached screen shot is the quality of the pdf export? – Is there another way to do it or set page size etc?

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Hi Ferdi,

I think you mean the page description at the bottom of the page, which is overlapped on the page content. Actually the page size in PDF is exactly the same with the plot dimension in ForeUI. For instance, if you export a 1024×768 plot into PDF, the page in PDF will be 1024×768 as well. What’s more, the page description will be placed at the bottom of the page.

So the workaround is to make your plot “bigger”, so the page size in PDF will be bigger, and the page description will have enough blank area to print. For instance, you set your plot file to 1024×868 while you just need 1024×768 for layout. You PDF page will have 100 additional pixels at the bottom to print the page description.

BTW, you can change plot size via the button on the bottom right corner.

We will provide more options on PDF exporting. Meanwhile if you like to control the document layout freely, you can consider using Looksie (, developed by our partner), which allows you to define your own document template.


Thanks – I did increase the plor size – maybe too much as it nove have a huge amount of open space – see attached – When is youre next version of the pdf export due?

  1. The schedule is not confirmed yet. Currently the enhancements on editing is still the priority. You can subscribe our blog or newsletter to get notify when we update.

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