1. I have not activated “Autohide tools panel” in the Settings

2. I Click on the “Tools” button to hide the Tools panel to get more work area

3. I click on an element

Now, the Tools panel reappear even though I have manually hidden it.

Could you in this case please consider not auto-showing the Tools panel when an element is selected?

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Hi Ulrich,

When you select an element, in most cases you will want to use the tools in the tools panel. So why do you want to hide it in this case?

If you want more space for laying out element, you can turn on “Autohide tools panel” option and the tools panel will be hidden when you drag and drop the element.


When I work in ForeUI a lot of the time I don’t use the Tools panel to make the changes. I move the elements around with the mouse, often resize elements with the mouse and use hotkeys.

When I click on the Tools panel toggle button or use CTRL + T I do it to increase the size of the work area.

My change request: If I want to see the Tools panel again I will click on the toggle button or use CTRL + T.

The current behavior makes it a very flickering experience.

In Adobe Photoshop for example you can press TAB and all tools and panels are hidden, and they only reappear when you tell them to.


This feature is inherited from V2, which was designed for non-dockable tools panel.

Since V3 dock the tools panel by default, we may need to reconsider this. Maybe the “Auto hide tools panel” option can be renamed to “Auto Show/Hide tools panel” and it can also turn on/off this behavior as well. We will think about it.


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