We utilize jqWidets’ nested grids in our code and I was curious if anyone has figure a way to simulate nested grids in ForeUI.…

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Hi Mickey,

In ForeUI, you can embed any element into the cell of Table element (every cell is regarded as a container), which could cover the major of cases. If you wish to simulate very complex grid, it may be better to directly use the external Javascript UI library (such as the jqWidgets you mention).

By using the “Html”, “Javascript” and “Css” elements, you can add almost anything you need into the simulation.


What are the steps to add or utilize an external Javascript UI library?

  1. Use "Html" element to add any HTML code into your simulation, use "Script" element for Javascript code, and "Css" element for CSS code.

    You can read these to get some ideas:
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    <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a&gt;
    <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>

    If you know how to use the external Javascript UI library in your own HTML page, you just do the same in your ForeUI project.

ViVi –

JQwidgets is a 2Mb JavaScript library that renders a grid and many other widgets.

How would I include the library for use in ForeUI? Using JQwidgets in our current java development environment dynamically generates the specific widget …. will ForeUI render the widgets properly?


Hi Mickey,

Integrating any Javascript library into ForeUI should be possible, the tricky part is that you can use the “Html” element to add any JS/CSS files into the simulation, and create any HTML element you need. You will also need to write some Javascript code and place it in the “Script” element to make sure the widget will get initialized.

I just created an example for using jQWidgets in ForeUI, you can download the example from ForeUI store:;, or you can preview the final result here:;

In the example, I dynamically replaced the version of JQuery/JQuery-UI (because jQWidgets requires a newer version) and load all required Javascript files, and create the widgets with my own Javascript code.

You can embed the Html element that create the DIV for the widget into any ForeUI container, as demonstrated in the example.


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