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Archive for August, 2010

ForeUI V2.42: Export/Import Element Library File


Hello dear friends, ForeUI V2.42 is out today!  This version focus on simplifying the way to share custom element library internally, and has 6 bugs fixed.

Export/Import the .fcl File

Actually the .fcl file is a ZIP archives that contains one or more custom elements (.fce files).  When you submit your custom element library into our community site, your library will be packed into an .fcl file, which can be downloaded and extracted into a new category.  However we realize some companies need to share their libraries internally, so we accept the suggestion from Ari and Mark, and provide some facilities for this. As you can see we have added some new items in the popup menu for the button in “Custom Elements” category.  They are:

  • Load Elements from .fcl file…: Pick an .fcl file and then load all its elements into the “Custom Elements” category.
  • Load Elements from Directory…: Specify a directory and then load all elements inside into the “Custom Elements” category.
  • Clear Listed Elements: Remove all elements that listed in the “Custom Elements” category, will not delete the .fce files for them.
  • Export Listed Elements as .fcl File…: Export all elements that are currently listed in the “Custom Elements” category.

So the .fcl file becomes the reuseable file for internal library sharing, you can share it with your colleagues or friends via email, USB Disk etc.  Also the .fcl file can be loaded to any element category you created, the figure below shows how:

Resize Scrollable Container in Simulation

This is a small feature requested by purplebluegreen.  Now you can change the size of scrollable container during the simulation.  This may be quite useful when creating  interactive prototype.

Fixed Bugs:

6 bugs are fixed in this version.

  • Bug_0230: Can not export plot to images with command line if the plot contains element group. (V2.40 only) (Tim reported via email, Thanks)
  • Bug_0231: Use arrow keys to move embedded element, the wrapper group is not updated as well.
  • Bug_0232: Copy element and paste into different pages in the same plot, the location of element should not be changed. (Thank Ari for reporting)
  • Bug_0233: Embedded element may be positioned incorrectly at the first time that launch the simulation.
  • Bug_0234: Embed two or more ComboBox elements into Tabs container and then run simulation, only the first ComboBox has correct position.  (Thank Ed for reporting via email)
  • Bug_0235: Embed ComboBox element into Scrollable Container, the ComboBox’s popup should be displayed over the container.

ForeUI V2.40: Easier Container Usage & Element Path Links


Hello everyone, after one month holiday, we release V2.40 today.  This release includes some important new features and enhancements to ease the container usage, 7 bug fixings are also included.

Easier Container Usage

We have implemented some useful new features for Group container, including:

  1. Allow moving member within element group.
  2. Allow adding member to existing element group.
  3. Allow extracting member from existing element group.

Also we have made two related enhancements:

  • Auto grouping multi-selected elements before embedding into non-group container.
  • Can embed element into nested container.

All these together provide a much better experience on container usage.  You can embed multiple elements into container a time; you can embed more element into a container even it has embedded element already; you can extract any embedded element from its container; you can move or resize the embedded element…  The animation below shows the example of container usage, which has become much more flexible.

Element Path Links

If you use container a lot in your plot, sometimes you may feel difficult to select a specific container or embedded element.  From this version you can find the “Element Path Links” in the floating tool pane if you select an embedded element or a non-empty container element.  These links can help you to quickly select the container, the sibling or child element for current selected element.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Bug_0223: “Manage Categories” window (not pinned) will be hidden time by time if floating tool pane is translucent.  (Thank Mark for reporting)
  • Bug_0224: Multiple instances of custom element may have duplicated ids for embedded element.
  • Bug_0225: Element is not valid after being embedded into ScrollableContainer, until moving the container a bit.
  • Bug_0226: Copy a Tabs (or Vertical Tabs) element that contains image elements, then paste it to another plot, the images are not migrated to the plot.
  • Bug_0227: Can not click to switch tab in edit area for Tabs or Vertical Tabs if they are embedded.
  • Bug_0228: Element chooser: select an embedded element, then select a non-embedded element, the embedded element should be unselected.
  • Bug_0229: Newly created, unsaved plot can not use the display controller to show/hide elements.