It has been 4 months since V2.80 is released.  Since we are working on V3.0, we have not implemented new features during these four months.  However we received some bug reports from our support forum and release minor updates that include the bug fixings.

2011-06-08: Minor update V2.801:

  • Bug_0307: The borders of Table element in hidden page are still visible.
  • Bug_0308: Could not right drag (or CTRL+drag) Table or Tree from element list to working area.

2011-06-13: Minor update V2.802:

  • Localization: German translation update to V2.72.
  • Bug_0309: Click image in image dock, the “Use By: ? elements” information in popup menu is not correct (only current page is taken into account).

2011-07-16: Minor update V2.803:

  • Bug_0310: Select text element with non-default font, execute the cut and paste commands, the font combo box incorrectly get focus.

2011-08-18: Minor update V2.804:

  • Bug_0311: When performing selection, the embedded element should not enlarge the testing area of its container.
  • Bug_0312: Single row TextEditBox should not auto wrap its content in editing mode.

2011-09-01: Minor update V2.805:

  • Bug_0313: Single row TextEditBox with “center” or “right” alignment does not render the text.

2011-10-03: Minor update V2.806:

  • Bug_0314: Apostrophe in ComboBox element will be displayed as “'” in IE.
  • Bug_0315: Editing any node in action editor will remove its note.

2011-10-04: Minor update V2.807:

  • Bug_0316: Elements that embeded into Table are not rendered correctly since V2.806.

2011-10-27: Minor update V2.808:

  • Bug_0317: Mac OS X: double clicking plot file to open ForeUI, the plot may not be loaded correct.
  • Bug_0318: Can not use action to append row to Table that does not have any row initially.

2011-12-08: Minor update V2.809:

  • Bug_0319: Can not paste image from clipboard under Mac OS X Lion.

2012-02-18: Minor update V2.810:

  • Bug_0320: Copy and paste a Window or Tree element in the same plot, its embedded elements will have duplicated IDs.

Thanks for the users that report thoes bugs, it’s you who makes ForeUI better and better!

You are welcome to report bug or share idea with us on the forum, or via email.